Installation – Video Tutorials – Green Energy Junkie – 1 Kw solar system

Visit SiteWith the guide I have created I will show you how to install the solar panels on a roof, how to connect them to a charge controller, from the charge controller to a deep cyle battery and then to an inverter to get usable AC Electricity to power your home appliances like your TV, Air conditioner and everything else that consumes less than 1,000 Watts.

Do you want to know how to build solar panels that will look and work like a panel purchased from a professional solar panel company?

Hello, my name is Alex and I want to teach you how to preserve our planet, how to go green and at the same time to save on your monthly power bill.

Stop Throwing money out the window and start generating your own electricity TODAY. After years of research about renewable energy by industry professionals, we have created a PERFECT system to guide you in building a complete 1,000 Watt solar system. Watch along as we show you how to build solar panels and then how to install them.

This system will have 4 solar panels, charge controller, a deep cycle battery and a DC to AC inverter to get usable energy and power your home appliances with free and green energy.

A basic solar installation from a retailer can take 25 years to pay back and cost you well over $20,000! This is too much for many of us to afford and the pay back time is far too long. Because of these factors, I have conducted research and compiled all of this information for you. I will share with you how to build and install this system in a professional manner and for a very low cost.

After our years of research and testing different types of commonly found materials, we have created… Read more…

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