Solar Energy Lease

Because of high up-front costs, many homeowners are reluctant to build and install their own solar system. Is there is a way to keep those costs low? This may be the answer, solar leasing. Read about it here.

Solar cells on top of roof

Solar Leasing – Worry-Free Energy on the Cheap –

There are now solar leasing programs that enable you to lease solar equipment, much like you would lease a car. By Raina Russo All eyes are on solar, as a practical homegrown wholesome source of energy that is the key to our future. and more »

Wow! A free custom design and installation. The lease fee combined with your lower electric bill, should cost less overall than what you are paying now. The lease is transferable to the new homeowner if you sell, or you can buy the system and add it to the home’s asking price. What a deal!

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