Visit SiteIf you are like most families in this troubled economy, you try to buy things when they are on sale or can be purchased at discount prices. Buying a solar panel system for your home should be no different.

You have a family to feed! Let someone else (who didn’t buy this guide) pay full retail price and provide the extra profit to the solar dealer.

*The solar costs and savings in this example are only rough numbers and are for a full house system. Your costs may be more or less depending on the size & type of system you purchase, the local rebates offered in your area, and of course how much effort you put into structuring a discount with the local solar dealer or contractor. Please understand… your results may vary.

The "average consumer" will often pay the full retail price without even trying to find a better deal. Go ahead and let the average consumer provide this extra profit to the solar dealer.

But if you are still reading this page, then you must not be an "average consumer" and you probably don’t want to pay full retail price. The Solar Discount Secrets was created for you!

People are amazed at how much money they can save when using these buying strategies. From knowing how to research the market to specific things you can say or ask to the solar salesman; you will be well prepared and know you are getting the best system for your home.

Discount Secrets – Learn how to negotiate Big Discounts on Solar Installations for your home or business.

The Solar Lease (Do’s & Don’ts) – A "Solar Lease" may allow you to get started with Little or even Zero out of pockets costs. Plus learn Financing pitfalls to avoid.

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