The Shocking Truth – Magnetic Power Generators

Thousands of people are looking for alternative sources of electric power. Every person knows that solar power and wind turbine electric generation proffer an eco friendly alternative to fossil fuel produced electricity. A third alternative for electric production is magnetic power generation.

Proponents of this idea claim that once the primary equipment is purchased, the owner receives free energy forever. The basic premise of magnetic power generation is that once the generator is powered up, it will continue to produce electricity indefinitely. If true, this equipment has the potential to revolutionize electrical production. Let’s dig deeper into this subject and discover the shocking truth about magnetic power generation.

The search for free energy has fascinated mankind for centuries. Leonardo Da Vinci made a number of drawings of machines that he thought could be capable of making free energy. Nikola Tesla has been called the father of free energy. More recently, Bruce De Palma and John Christie have developed what they call the future of free energy.

In 1977, Bruce De Palma constructed his N-Machine, which he claimed used rotating magnets to produce energy. The N-Machine supposedly generated up to four times more output energy than input energy, creating overunity. Overunity or perpetual motion refers to any device or system that perpetually produces more energy than it consumes.

Australian inventor John Christie of Lutech Australia Pty Ltd claims to have developed a magnetic power generator capable of 440% overunity. Unfortunately, neither of these magnetic power generators has been independently verified as capable of producing overunity. Critics claim that such a generator cannot produce overunity or free energy. To do so would defy a basic law of physics, the conservation of energy. Unlike solar and wind power there are currently no power companies using magnet powered generators for electrical production.

Many of the websites that promote the idea of magnetic power generation offer DIY plans for making the generator. Can you really get free energy from a DIY magnetic power generator? One site, Magniworks, claims that their plans will let anyone construct a power generator for less than $100, using materials available at any hardware store. In addition, this easily constructed power generator could replace 50% or more of your electric usage. The site states that hundreds of these generators have been built from their plans and they list several satisfied customers. Using directory assistance and a web based search service I tried to locate the U.S. based individuals claiming to have built and installed these generators. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any of the references listed on the Magniworks website.

Unable to verify any actual working installation, I decided to download the magnetic generator plans from the Magniworks site. With these plans I was getting to the truth about magnetic power generators. The plans offer detailed parts list, illustrations and instructions. However, after constructing the generator you have something that is a science project, not an alternative energy solution. The generator is tiny (approximately 4 inches square) and according to the printed specifications produces only 24.5 watts of output. Think about that. 24.5 watts is less than half the power needed to light up a single 60 watt light bulb. To replace 50 percent or more of your current electric usage you would have to build 20-25 of these generators and then wire them together.

So what is the shocking truth about magnetic power generators?

1. Magnetic power generation claims for achieving overunity have not been independently verified. Free energy from magnets is still a theory, not proven concept.

2. The popular Magniworks DIY generator, even if it works, is not large enough to generate a meaningful amount of electricity.

in conclusion, don’t waste your time or money chasing the free energy promised by the magnetic power advocates. Stick with proven alternative energy sources. Solar power and wind turbine power, while costing more that $100 to set up, do actually produce real usable electricity. Some of the components, solar panels and wind turbines, can be constructed at home. Excellent plans for solar panel and/or wind turbines are available for you to download.

If you are going to build your own home solar or wind turbine power system, you must have complete detailed plans and material lists.

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